Jervis Atabong Lefu, “J. Prolific” is a multi-talented hip-hop/pop recording artist, music composer and record producer from Cameroon. Ultra Dominon Music labels Prolific “one of the most talented artists of his time, way ahead of his competitors”.Born in Buea, Cameroon, Prolific is the son of Alfred and Prudencia Lefu. Prolific’s interest and passion for music began at an early age. Growing up in a family home with so many extended relatives who loved music, Prolific quickly found himself exposed to Hip-Hop music as the main genre and gradually engulfed himself into the culture.At a very tender age of six, he composed his first track titled “Curses” and ever since then he hasn’t look back. Over the years, the artist has been fine-tuning his skills in all aspects of music, spanning song writing, music composition, recording artist and record producer. In just two years alone, he was able to compose 50 (still to be released) tracks at just 12 years.During his college years, he spent so much time composing, as he had no perfect recording facilities then. He would do rap battles and freestyles and get to be the top of his class both academically and musically, so much so that he was given the nickname “Prolific”  by his mates and brothers for the recognition of his prolific abilities in music.Although music was not his primary objective back then, Prolific later found himself collaborating with a friend of his who would introduce him to a piano workstation, and so began his production journey. We would have to wait until 2005 for him to record and release his first demo track, also produced by him. At this time, it was all about getting to pass his exams and getting perfection in his artistic skills, something he always had to put as a top priority.Having spent about 7 years on boarding institutions, Prolific was finally exposed to face his destiny. First he had to study Audio and Music Engineering online for two and a half years, whilst concentration on getting his BSc. in Microbiology by 2014. Within these years, he was also part of the rap crew, the BIG MONEY DUFFEL (BMD) together with 5 other friends (S. James, One Pablo, Ciana, Da Bling and Rapcom), which went on to be the best rap crew in his city. They recorded a couple of tracks before the crew will later on split and Prolific continued solo.Next, he would produce many underground Hip-Hop artist and later on take his production business online, following the creation of the “PRO BEATZ” production label which he will later on sign to. Under Pro Beatz, he sold many beats on online platforms like Beatport, Shadowville, and Soundclicks just to name a few. By 2015, he would launch his own online beat marketplace, “”, which ran until 2017 when it was closed due to online payment issues with his home country.In 2017, Prolific decided to go mainstream with his art and take on the life of a professional recording artist. Then came Ultra Dominon Music where he got signed to and so far has released chart topping tracks, ready to be the next hits of the world. Prolific says, “I’m not out here to be the best in Cameroon, Africa or the world. I’m out here to be the best artist that’s ever been on planet earth.” Only time will reveal the truth to this bold statement but with the talent, work rate and passion, don’t write him off the books yet.