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Digital Studios is a technology and innovation company with focus on science, technology and engineering. We offer digital services to all types of businesses across the globe, as well as create technological solutions to solve daily problems.


We offer design services that include the creation, design and production of logos, UI/UX, flyers, album arts, photo editing, magazines, invitations, banners, social media posts, etc.


We offer the creation and design of websites and mobile applications for all businesses. This is done in-house by our tech teams as well as hired professionals and freelancers.


These services include the creation, management and daily running of social media handles, management and daily running of websites, apps and email campaigns.

With over 50+ brands, partners and clients worldwide, going digital has never been easier. Fuel your presence as well as your business digitally. From graphics design to web/app development and digital marketing, entrust all your digital needs to our professionals.

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Get flexible pricing for your digital needs!

At Digital Studios, we are always working to meet the needs of our clients and partners. From individual to start-up, small, medium and large businesses, our pricing system is almost ensured to meet your digital requirements. Our pricing scheme is divided into three main categories as explain below. Simply click on the order button below to order for a service.

So, you want to start a business, project or already have an existing business and you would like to hire employees to manage your digital presence? No need for that. At Digital Studios, we shall handle all your digital needs. This means rather than paying many employees, you could just dedicate these tasks to a trusted agency. And did we mention “at a lower cost”? Whatever business type you’ve got, we have a pricing that should cover all your digital needs. Simply choose any of the pricing options below and discover the magic unfold.

  • Personal Package
  • Start-Ups
  • Companies
Personal PackageStart-UpsCompanies

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Logo Design
Responsive Website1-5 Pages1-50 PagesUnlimited Pages
Domain Name, Hosting and Security1 year3 Years10 Years
Web Management2 Months6 Months1 Year
Email Addresses615Unlimited
Email Marketing1 Month3 Months1 Year
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Management (Facebook & Twitter)1 Month2 Months1 Year
Mobile App (Android & IOS)
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One of the greatest challenges businesses face in the digital world isn’t necessarily launching but management. You just hired a freelancer for your website and digital projects? Good. What happens three months later? Your website and digital platforms are not updated, your email campaigns are not active and running, and as a consequence, you lose more clients. We do understand this is a serious issue which often leads to many businesses collapsing few years after creation. Our job is to get your business active, up and running all the time. Our monthly packages are tailored to suit your business type and size. Please select a pricing option below and get your digital presence boosted

  • Starter
  • Best
  • Elite

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Animated Videos2
Digital MarketingFacebookFacebook, InstagramFacebook, Instagram
Email Marketing
Web Management
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media ManagementFacebook, InstagramFacebook, Instagram
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If you are just looking for a solution to a digital service like web creation, graphic design, digital marketing, etc, this pricing scheme is for you. Below is an overview of all the digital services we currently offer together with their price estimates

  • Logo/Icon Creation
  • Business Cards
  • Letterhead
  • Flyer & Brochure
  • Sticker & Postcard
  • Calendar
  • CD/Book Covers
  • Catalog, Menu, CV
  • Business Plan
  • Website/Blog/App Design
  • Newsletter Designs
  • Website Prototyping
  • App/Software Prototyping
  • Billboards and Banners
  • Magazines


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