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About Ultra Dominon

Ultra Dominon is a digital and entertainment company offering a wide range of services. The company is currently divided into two main divisions: Ultra Dominon Music and Digital Studios. At Ultra Dominon, we create content for a worldwide audience. We also act as a hub to bridge the gap between content creators, investors and the market, facilitating the exchange of services between different stakeholders in the entertainment and technology industries. In addition, we offer programs and services together with partners, ranging from recording studios, video production houses, clothing shops, PR agencies and some business and public/private institutions.


We always look forward to working with creative minds

At Ultra Dominon, we are always looking to provide the best of services and be the difference. We set the goal to be a global leader in the digital and entertainment business. Achieving this means we need to build a solid team. That is why we believe in working with not just the best professionals but also interns and anyone looking to learn and better their skills by directly working with us. Do you have a passion to be a part of this goal? Or are you looking to understand and practice the business and administrative side of things? If you have the will and determination, then we are currently in line with your passion. Start a career now at Ultra Dominon and become part of the team or a representative.

We currently offer opportunities for interns interested in learning and development in a creative, conducive and dynamic environment. However, professionals within the industry can also contact us for a career opportunity. Please select the “Careers” option in the contact form above to initiate the process and secure a place today.

These opportunities are currently opened to freelance interns (working over the internet to be specific). The following opportunities are available for everyone: Artist Managers, Public Relations Personnel, Booking Agents, Web Managers, A&R and Talent Scouts, Marketers, Accountants, Studio Managers and many more.


Meet the people behind our success