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Where is UDM located?

Ultra Dominon Music (UDM) is located at Total Jouvence, Yaounde, CE with the main building housing both its studio and office complex.

What services does UDM currently offer?

Preview Sample Productions

Acoustic Music Sample

Pop Guitar Sample

Afro-Pop Music Sample

Dance Music Sample

Afro-Trap Music Sample

Can I work at UDM?

Yes. We are currently opened to working with interns and professionals. For more information on information on internships and employment at UDM, please click here.

How do I contact UDM?

You can contact us using the email udm@ultradominon.com or on WhatsApp using +237664020061 (text only). Additionally, you can visit any of our social media handles listed below:

Can I become an artist at UDM?

Yes. We are currently interested in working with professional artists and signing great talents. However, this offer is only available for artists residing in Cameroon. To apply now or submit a demo song for consideration, please click on the “Become a UDM Artist!” button above. For more information, please click here.

Is UDM opened for partnerships?

Yes. We are opened to a company or brand looking to partner with us or our artists. If you are interested in partnering with us, please forward your inquiry to udm@ultradominon.com

Partner Studios

Ultra Beats

Kovapot Beats

Je-Buy Music

Alizés Équateur Records

Want to know more about us or our services? Contact us directly now and a representative will be ready to answer all your questions.