Produce your “custom” Merchandise!

Ultra Merch works with you to create the perfect merch that fits your budget, deadline, message and audience. From t-shirts to caps, pullovers, shorts, socks, cups, pens and many more, we focus on producing top quality products.  You order for your products and once payment is made, we reserve the products that are on stock. Then we plan the starting date of production. During production, we ensure quality control to make sure you get what you ordered. The last step, delivery, shall ensure you get your product right at your door-steps, through the use of any super efficient delivery service of your choice.

Product Catalog

This section contains what we currently produce as merchandise. Browse, select a product and place your order for production. Different products have different properties like size, color, etc. So be sure to select the appropriate property. You can also replace our design with a custom design by clicking on the custom design button below:

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Sell your Merchandise!

Ultra Merch distributes your merchandise to a network of stores and venues for maximum reach and sales. With a network of over 20+ stores and partnership with venues, including events like concerts, weddings, festivals and more, we place your products where we believe there is a ready market.

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Partner Stores and Distribution Points

Paris Bech
Fashion and Beauty Institute

Location: Total Mendong

Ultra Merch is a merchandising solution offering merchandising services for artists, labels, celebrities and vendors to produce, market and distribute a wide range of products (ranging from clothing to cosmetics, electronic equipment and digital products) to their fans and the general public. It offers offer all of the following:

  • Merchandise Production: We produce t-shirts, sweatshirts, cups, pulls, hats, socks, CD covers, personalized USB drives and many more clothing and stationery products.
  • Sales, Marketing and Distribution: We market and distribute products from vendors and individuals, both online and offline, on partner stores, boutiques and venues for public gathering like concerts, festivals, etc, for maximum sales.
  • Digital Products: We also act as a platform for the sale of digital products, mostly digital downloads like softwares, ebooks, PDFs, etc.

We are looking for both partner shops, event organizers and boutiques to act as distribution and sales points, as well as individuals, producers and vendors willing to produce, market and distribute their products and merchandises.

This service is fully effective in Cameroon. However, sales of merchandise across the world is possible although this may incur additional shipping costs.