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Welcome to Top Dancers Online. This is the online portal of the Top Dancers program. Enter the online contest by submitting a dance video of the beat/instrumental in contest. We shall include this on the website for voting by fans and our expert judges. After every two weeks, A SINGLE WINNER shall go home with a cash prize of $40 and the cycle shall continue the same. Dancers can also challenge each other through betting and the winner gets all the cash. The competition is opened to dancers in both the single, duo and group categories. Usually, dancers with the highest amount of vote win the competition so everyone is encouraged to promote and share their videos to get the maximum amount of votes possible. Winners and great talents will have the opportunity to be promoted worldwide, feature on official dance videos of top celebrated artists as well as other dance shows and also feature in the Top Dancers Show. This shall also open a platform for them to be enrolled or featured in some national and international dance competitions and/or become the next big dance movement. To be able to take part as a dancer, contestants must pass the following requirements:

  1. Contestants must be registered on the website (visit our registration page to login/register).
  2. Submit a valid PayPal email address (or mobile phone number with an MTN MoMo or Orange Money account for contestants in Cameroon) upon registration to be used for payment.
  3. Contestants must submit only dance videos to the beat/instrumental in contest. Any other dance video content submitted shall be rejected.
  4. Contestants can only submit a single video during the period of contest. However, duos and dance groups can be split to singles to enter the contest as separate contestants.
  5. Each contestant, fan or visitor can only vote once. So every contestant should promote his/her dance video to reach a maximum amount of fans and audience.

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Welcome to the Top Dancers Show (TDS). TDS is the offline portal of the Top Dancers program. TDS is a 1 hour dance show produced every month in collaboration with our partners and aired on partner TV channels as well as our online channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on our website). The show is produced and executed in CAMEROON ONLY. It involves dance showcases, challenges and interviews with people directly or indirectly involve with dance industries. To take part or feature in the show as guest or dancer, please contact us using the form below.

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