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    The Way It Is aims to encourage each and everyone one of us to take life the way it presents itself. No matter what problems you are face, just stand strong, get ready and rise up. And when you fall better pick up and ride on. This song is also dedicated to those who have lost families and friend or are directly or indirectly affected by the #EndAnglophoneCrisis. Listen, enjoy, like, share and don’t forget to subscribe for more. Special thanks to all my supportive fans. On this note, I’ll be more than pleased if you could lend a helping hand in supporting this project with anything you got. This will go a long way to make sure I keep working on and releasing good music to your entertainment and satisfaction. Your support means more than a world to me. No matter what you got, just enter the amount below and pay via credit card or MOMO (Orange and MTN) to support both this project and me. Stay blessed IJN.