“French Tape Volume 2 (FTV2)” is a 5-tack Hip-Hop project which features J. Prolific and Stylo. All tracks are produced by French producer French College, mixed and mastered by J. Prolific. The album is a continuation of “French Tage Volume 1” released sometime back in 2021. According to S. James, “Every artist’s dream is to release good music. In French College, I found the perfect beats for my style of music. So I am dedicating this project not just to him but to all who luv Hip-Hop”. “FTV2” is suitable for any mood, situation or event that just requires some good Hip-Hop music.
As a side note, S. James is a multi-talented hip-hop recording artist based in the USA. You can find out more about S. James by visiting his official web page HERE. If you are a huge fan of S. James, please help support this project and the artist by buying with any amount you got below.

Artists:S.James, J. Prolific, Stylo
Producer: French College
Songwriters: S.James, J. Prolific & Stylo
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