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Curses is a poetic rap masterpiece which pictures out a life of burdens and lack of opportunities that leads many into the wrong paths. It also has a message of hope and courage to encourage good behaviors. The track is produced by J. Prolific and was mixed and mastered at Ultra Beats Studio, Yaounde. According to J. Prolific, “I want to express how we feel about growing up in a life with little or no opportunities. We are forced into the wrong paths most of the time because we strive to survive. You want to listen to curses because it has that word to strengthen your soul. Listen, enjoy, like, share and don’t forget to subscribe for more.

Special thanks to all my supportive fans. On this note, I’ll be more than pleased if you could lend a helping hand in supporting this project with anything you got. This will go a long way to make sure I keep working on and releasing good music to your entertainment and satisfaction. Your support means more than a world to me. No matter what you got, just enter the amount below and pay via credit card or MOMO (Orange and MTN) to support both this project and me. Stay blessed IJN.


Artist: J. Prolific
Producer: J. Prolific
Songwriter: J. Prolific
© 2020 Ultra Dominon Music | All Rights Reserved

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